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Buckling concrete is unsightly. It’s also a commonly reported source of injury. Tripping over a raised fault line or stepping into a depression without warning can upset the delicate balance of walkers, especially young children and the elderly whose encounters with gravity all too often result in grievous harm when they crash hard onto a unyielding concrete surface.

Houston Concrete Repair Also Pours New Concrete

Houston Concrete Repair tackles commercial and residential concrete repair. We also pour foundations for new buildings, driveways, pool decks and other concrete projects.

Whatever your need for concrete, please come to us first for a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your project.  Our concrete experts can turn your vision into a reality or redeem risky buckling concrete you so often frown and worry over.

Our Customers Are Delighted

Professional builders and homeowners call on us for their concrete projects after hearing raves about us from their friends, neighbors or business associates. It’s a heritage we’ve earned and one we intend to nourish and keep. We’ll treat your project as though it’s our own – because in a way, it is yet another of our showcase properties. How’s that for accountability?

If it’s time to protect and enhance the safety, appearance and longevity of your concrete project, we’re here to help. 

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